Project Manager 2

Position Description: 
Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.  A project is a temporary business activity with a clearly defined beginning and end, and undertaken to meet the specified goals and objectives of a Client Agency.  Often, projects require the same management skills as ongoing operations, such as human resource and financial management, the need for clear and effective communications, strong team building, as well as the ability to effectively analyze, synthesize, estimate, and sequence the required work activities.  However, project managers are expected to perform similar activities, but under a fixed and often aggressive timeframe.  The project manager relies on their managerial experience and skills coupled with a competency in project management principles, best practices, methods and tools to achieve success.   


Consulting candidates for assignment as a project manager on a State project shall have demonstrated competency in the fundamentals and practice of project management.  Therefore, candidates shall have achieved their PMP certification and/or possess an equivalent level of experience.  Project Managers shall possess strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, sound situational awareness, as well as effective administration and problem-solving skills.  At more advanced levels, they shall be able to handle projects of increased risk and complexity and have experience in managing vendor or multiple sub-projects.  At the highest level, candidates will have experience on exceptionally large, complex, and often multi-year projects that involve frequent interaction with the highest levels of State government.  They have experience and skills in project portfolio management and/or the activities of a project management office.  IT Professionals assigned to manage software development projects shall have the necessary skills and experience in the use of the commonly used methods and tools for software project management.        

Individuals with successful project management experience across multiple project management assignments with varying degrees of scope, complexity and duration.  This individual shall function effectively with a limited amount of supervision, while maintaining a high professional standard.  They are able to resolve most project issues and risks without intervention and are capable of managing multiple independent projects.   These individuals may have the necessary skills and experience to assist a Client Agency in developing improved project management competencies.    

Experience Required - 3 -9 Years Experience
Position Category: 
Project Management Support
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