Apex Audit System

Apex Audit Management

APEX (Audit Planning and EXecution)
Apex is a highly customizable software platform for management of both internal and external audits. The solution covers the entire gamut of activities preformed by an audit organization. 

  • Audit Planning 
  • Workorder generation
  • Workpaper management
  • Monitoring of the audit progress
  • Creation of reports
  • Audit status updates
  • Management of Workpapers
  • Integration with MSFT Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) 
  • Standardized forms library
  • Computerized document based workflows for forms
  • Role Based access for information security
  • Multi tiered security controls
  • Online and Offline capabilities
  • Data Center and Cloud based delivery options
  • Team collaboration on documents with version control


Gamut of Audit Activities Covered by APEX
The solution provides a centralized repository for past present and future audits, workpapers, programs, findings, aduitee records and reports which can be cross referenced and indexed for maximum value. It allows for total customization of an Audit organizations process and requirements. It give you the ability to deliver on time, on budget audit reports in both online and offline environments with total synchronization of information. IT is a solution that give you the ability to conquer your world.


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